WhatsApp Image 2018-09-19 at 2.29.06 PMI definitely like talking about myself, but let’s see if I can sum it up into 300 words or less…

My name is Zoya Adeyi, I created this blog back in 2014 when  I had just finished my postgrad, and, like all new graduates, was learning about the ups and downs that come with job hunting. Looking back, it was a fun time (mostly).

This blog was an outlet to document my (mis)adventures in the job market and to exercise my writing and story telling ability, since I studied communications.

I love good story, whether I’m telling it or hearing it. I believe a well-told story has the power to draw audiences in and allows them to relate and reflect on aspects of themselves.

The theme of my career is to tell engaging stories and build meaningful relationships with my audience, whether it’s through my website or for an organization I work with. That connection is so important to me.

This blog will always remain near and dear to me, so take a look and I hope you have a good laugh.

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Happy exploring!